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Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax, National Insurance. The Government raises taxes for the provision of a fair and educated society but sometimes even those working for HM Revenue & Customs don't get it right because to be reasonably fair the tax laws are also reasonably complicated. It's only relatively recently that the Revenue were set targets of getting individuals tax affairs correct.

According to reliable reports, a considerable number of tax payers still pay the wrong Income Tax under Self-Assessment. Given this information, you will appreciate there is a strong case for you to have a company whose abilities you trust, checking out all calculations the Revenue may make regarding the Tax and National Insurance they think you should pay.

We would like to act for you in this way. Our aim is to reduce the pain and hassle of tax for you.

The taxation laws are constantly changing as successive Chancellors such as Gordon Brown, Alasdair Darling and George Osborne have more good ideas for improvements in the Tax system. Such frequent changes mean that although experienced in dealing with these matters we are honest and transparent enough to admit to you, our clients, that we also take specialist tax advice, where appropriate, in order to deliver a quality, reliable service to you, though still at a reasonable fee..

We invest in quality approved software for the computerised production of your Self Assessment Tax Returns, your employees PAYE tax and National Insurance calculations and the generation of your company's Corporation Tax Returns and Corporation Tax calculations. If we're not absolutely clear on a tax matter we'll check it out for you with a highly respected firm of Taxation specialists.

We will also explore ways in which your tax bill can legally be minimised and if you do have problems finding the cash to pay your tax we'll talk to the HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf to find a way to ease this problem.

As Certified Practising Accountants, we are keen to maintain the high standards set by our professional body.

Also, as Rod is a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, We have access to a wealth of management development and educational resources to assist in our continuing professional development.