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You're running your own business. You started out originally as a sole trader because of the tax advantage ( you were able to claim the loss you made in your first year against the tax you paid when you used to be employed) anyway now your business is profitable and you have formed a company and the firm is expanding, taking on staff. How do you manage everything? It used to be easy when it was just you and your girlfriend running things. Now there seems to be loads to do and most of it doesn't earn you any money ! Where can you go for help? What do you do about the awkward employee who is poisoning the good atmosphere your company had built up? What if you sack him ? He's not good at his job, he's unreliable and says he'll take you to an Industrial Tribunal if you put a foot wrong. What do you do? You phone us for a start.

Let me paint you a picture of a management problem. A long-established family owned manufacturing company created by great-grandfather was left in his will to his two sons. Each son obtaining an equal share of the business. Now generations on, the two families that own the shares both want to come out of manufacturing and sell the business and its valuable freehold property. An offer had been received from an international company based overseas but both families can't agree what to do. Both need to agree before the offer can be accepted. The problem is that both families don't really trust each other. They can't really even talk together. The business is going downhill fast with losses building up. In this atmosphere of indecision the prospective purchasers have put a time limit on their offer. How do you resolve matters? We could help them troubleshoot the problem. How do I know? How could I be confident of a solution? How? Because we sorted it.

Not always this simple!

Having met that type of challenge in the past, I know we have the skills and experience to do it again. But this time, for you.

As Certified Practising Accountants, we are keen to maintain the high standards set by our professional body.

Also, as Rod is a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, We have access to a wealth of management development and educational resources to assist in our continuing professional development.