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RJMS Health Care Accountants


Through RJ Management Services and then RJMS Professionals, we have gained the experience over 30 years of self-employed consultancy, advising owner-managed businesses on a broad range of matters essential to their profitability and survival. If you want someone on your side that really understands the position of the small business man or woman why not bounce your ideas off us ? It's just possible that we've either been there and done it, or we've had a client who has, so we should be able to help you.

A lot of the problems related to family businesses are people problems and we're pretty easy to talk to, so why not try us? Over recent years we have assisted a wide variety of businesses. Why not contact us to arrange a FREE one hour discussion to explore whether or not you feel we could work together to progress your business situation.

As Certified Practising Accountants, we are keen to maintain the high standards set by our professional body.

Also, as Rod is a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, We have access to a wealth of management development and educational resources to assist in our continuing professional development.